Tarn Ogden

Tarn Workin.jpg

Tarn Ogden, a native Oregonian, has an affinity for the forest and coastal regions of this state. Tarn developed a tenacious work ethic from a range of experiences: a season on an Alaskan fishing boat, a self-taught glass artist, and as Sous Chef for major hotel. Followed by six years studying the craft of drafting and design, obtaining two Associate of Applied Science degrees in both Residential and Commercial design, supplemented with Certificate of Sustainable Design. Tarn has furthered his passions for integrating his acquired skills of hard work, entrepreneurship, and efficiency, in 2015 he founded a company with his brother, Oliver.

The organization of Placecraft is rooted in the appreciation of skilled woodworking, the application of natural building techniques, and a firm belief in honoring the stewardship of our Earth. His home is a manifestation of just that, crafting a place that incorporates the spirit of living in harmony with the natural environment. On a quarter acre lot, in the heart of Old Town Hillsboro he practices the philosophy of permaculture. He and his partner have successfully established a small scale urban farming operation with an extensive vegetable garden, chickens, and application of Aquaculture and rain capturing. He continues to renovate and improve his house in an economical and environmentally conscious fashion.