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We take inspiration from the principles of Permaculture design. Permaculture design begins with observation.

Before we get started with any project, we like to sit down with you at your home to listen and observe. If this step is omitted, we'll miss opportunities that save time, money and the earth's precious resources.

If you're a new client with a handful of projects on your mind, we recommend developing a Master Site Plan. Even if we're not the ones to build it, we can provide drawings and documentation to help you realize your dreams. 


Master Site Plan - You want your house and property to reflect your sustainable spirit but you're not sure what to do. We'll listen to your dreams, observe the opportunities on your property and help you make a plan and can guide you on a course of action. This sort of plan doesn't include detailed building specifications.

Remodel Design - Your space isn't working. We can help you fix that with smart design.  

Small New Construction - You need a shed or are ready to add another dwelling unit in your backyard, get in touch!


You have a good sense of what you want to do, but could use a little guidance. We're there for you by phone, email or in the flesh. 

Topics include :

  • Building code & zoning regulations

  • Natural building

  • Permaculture Principles

  • Cisterns, water catchment, swales & irrigation

  • Annual Gardens / perennial gardens

  • Chickens

  • Passive solar / passive technologies

BUILD (available by hour or job / rates vary)

We are a licensed, bonded and insured general contracting company. We gravitate towards outdoor carpentry projects such as decks, fences and pergolas because we're avid gardeners and love being outdoors. We also handle additions, sheds, tiny homes, and remodeling. Let us know what you're thinking about -- if we can't do it, we likely know someone who can!