Our Philosophy

Local, Natural & Reclaimed Materials

  • Local: Shipping materials across the continent is irresponsible. When we buy new materials, we support local manufacturers or vendors that source their materials locally.

  • Natural: We believe knowing where our building materials come from is every bit as important as knowing where our food comes from. By building relationships with arborists, foresters and sawyers, we're actively seeking new ways to connect to our local supply of building materials.

  • Reclaimed: When we remodel or rebuild, we sort and process 'waste' material so that it gets properly recycled or donated to places like Habitat for Humanity or The ReBuilding Center. Often, we integrate materials directly back into the remodel which makes for a very tidy re-use loop.

Working With Reclaimed Material

Partnerships With Local Craftspeople

We don’t do everything but we want to build your dream exactly how you want it. We love to support local businesses. Based on the location of our job site we enjoy supporting the local businesses whenever possible. We like our work to emphasize people and their craft.

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