Joseph Michel

Joe Workin.jpg

Spending the majority of my life in Portland, Oregon has influenced what I create and how I go about doing that.  The 1911 North Tabor home where I was raised, and where my parents continue to live today, is reflective of much more than a house.  Every square foot of their property bares a distinctive quality that tells a story as well as serves a function.  The knowledge and skills that I bring into the world today have largely been cultivated by a life spent in and around a house such as this, where creative projects were constantly occurring, resulting in it’s distinct character.  I learned techniques in permaculture and holistic site planning through observing my father build and maintain his garden beds and potato harvesting barrels, rainwater irrigation system, compost bins and native plant nursery.  In my mother’s weaving and textile studio I became inspired to develop an outlet of my own for creative expression that I could share with the world. 

My ambition is to collaborate with other creative professionals to transform living spaces into places that exemplify true craftsmanship and evoke inspiration and wonder in the homeowners themselves.  When I am not building with Placecraft I am most likely either working on a project alone or with my talented partner Lindsay, who is a skilled welder and woodworker.  If I am not doing either of those things I am most likely playing basketball.